Surrounded by Smart People

This morning, we announced some very exciting news. Yes, Valeria Maltoni aka


Conversation Agent (@ConversationAge on Twitter) has joined the company that I work for, Powered, as director of Strategy. In addition to being one of AdAge’s top 50 marketing bloggers, we’ve added a witty, hard working brand marketer to a fold that already included a few smarties.

While I’ll let Valeria’s work speak for itself (she is a must read if you don’t have her in your blog reader or Tweetdeck yet), you should also know about several other smarties we have at Powered. Some are pretty well known, others are "soon to be" well known. Here is a list of who they are and where you can find them on Twitter and in the blogosphere (alphabetically):

Yup, I’m pretty lucky. Now you know when you read this blog, follow me on Twitter or listen to my podcast that I’m just trying to keep up with my colleagues!