Engagement Matters in Reel Life – New Nielsen Study

A newly released study by Nielson Co. indicates that products placed in “emotionally engaging” television shows were recognized by 43% more consumers. The Nielsen Product Placement Valuation Study involved more than 10,000 individuals, 200 consumer brands and 50 programs.

Essentially the study states that the more a viewer enjoys and is engaged by a TV show, the more likely they are to have positive feelings for brands that appear in the show. The same also holds true for ad spots during the show. The effect is multiplied with a combination of product placement and advertising.

Grey’s Anatomy is a highly rated dramaResults varied across program categories, with dramas scoring the highest. “Dramas have the most to gain from higher viewer enjoyment: positive brand feelings increased a blockbuster 198% during highly enjoyable dramas.”

No matter the media format, connecting emotionally with consumers is essential for successful advertising.


The Two Voices of Social Commerce

SalespersonSteve Rubel defines Social Commerce as “utilizing the power of many to help us find and buy products and services. It involves the creation of new collaboration technologies that shrink the research and purchasing cycle.”

Voice 1: The People’s Voice

Steve is talking about the fact that online collaborative tools now allow us the ability to bring online the typically offline job of consulting knowledgeable, trustworthy peers before we buy something big and complex like a flat screen tv, washer/dryer combo, or engagement ring. Not only can we now access those people in the comfort of our own home wireless network – with the web we can now also access a lot more people and be even better informed than we were in the past.

Voice 2: The Brand’s Voice

But is that all we need when we are considering a product purchase? Other people like us, while more trusted, might not be able to equal a brand’s ability to produce formal, expert content that will educate us on things to a high degree of depth and quality. Isn’t there still a place for that educated, dedicated sales person who is getting paid to respond to our needs?

Good Social Commerce is about bringing appropriate, rich, educational content from the Brand into the consideration and research process along with advisory, objective content from peers. It’s about balancing the two voices that you need when you are getting ready to buy, and making sure that they complement and build on each other.

Is “The Year in Advertising” signs of the future?

Good read over at BusinessWeek on the Year in Advertising.  Yes, it’s another piece on how its all changing for we marketers.  But I  clicked through on the slide show, and was especially intrigued by Samsung’s charging station and what they referred to as “branded utility.”

They state that “Taking advertising and making it into something useful may be a trend for the future.” I think that’s really true.  Your marketing has got to be meaningful to the new consumer and something they’ll want to seek out.  Which means it should probably be funny, entertaining and/or provide them utility so they will seek it out.  At Powered, we’ve adopted Next Century Media’s term the “Gratitude Effect” for this dynamic and found it creates a helluva ROI.

So, ask yourself…what % of your marketing spend is directed towards things that are providing utility to the consumer vs. marketing at them?