Is Your Marketing C2C?

There’s been a fair bit of conversation about MySpace’s Never Ending Friending report. I was at the IAB event where the study was unveiled. Interesting stuff to be sure, but also befuddling (I suspect) to marketers. For me I think it boils down to…

It’s not just about what your marketing and advertising says anymore. I think that’s a really, REALLY hard thing for most for us to accept. I mean many of us have spent most of our careers agonizing over marketing plans, creative briefs and agency meetings. It was so much easier in the old days when you had a decent shot at making people think about your brand in the way you wanted them too. But the increasingly collaborative nature of the internet is really changing that. Now your products – and the experiences people have with your brand – really almost need to stand alone.

Of course you still have your shot at getting your message out. Not everyone is that connected. Yet. But more and more it’s going to be about what you do and how it gets other people to say things. Brands almost might want to go so far as thinking of themselves as a consumer to consumer matchmaker. Learning what other people think is a powerful catalyst for choosing a brand or staying loyal to it.

And it seems to me one of the more important things a brand can do is take to heart what the word of mouth marketers have been saying for a while now – “be worth talking about.” In a cluttered and noisy world, that may seem daunting. But the good news is that when you consider applying that principle to not just your products, but your marketing as well the number of opportunities open up. And the other good news is there are more ways than ever to get that message to spread if it truly is worth talking about.