Irrational Video Exuberance?

OK, so I’m not – nor do I want to be – Alan Greenspan. But when he coined the term “irrational exuberance” in that 1996 speech, it was forever burned in my brain.

And it recently got me thinking…are marketers experiencing irrational exuberance over video? Yes, I’ve seen the stats on broadband penetration. Yes, I’ve seen the numbers on how many users say they watch them. And yes, I’ve seen the numbers on the desirable actions and attitudes video watchers have about the brand associated with said video.

But it’s got me thinking – are marketers jumping in the video game (and I’m not talking about advergaming here) because they have concocted a well constructed, value to the consumer-based approach? Or are they following the herd? I’ve heard David Klein refer to this dynamic as “soccer ball marketing” at Maybe it applies here.

Video supply is tight. CPMs are up. And there is a LOT of crap out there that is nowhere near brand quality. So ask yourself: Are you doing video because it’s right for the consumer (and therefore right for your brand)? Or are you doing it because everyone else is? And please – be honest.